Thrive Tutoring

Try, Learn, Thrive!

How We Thrive

Thrive Tutoring works through positive educational experiences and interactions. Whether a student needs added support in learning, wants some extra practice with a skill or subject area, or is looking to expand their skills and organization for increased academic success, Thrive Tutoring is here to support their education experience and learning journey!

The owner of Thrive Tutoring is Tori Persico. She has an M.S. in Educational Psychology and is completing a graduate program in School Psychology. She is a NYS Certified Teaching Assistant and has worked for the past six years supporting students ranging from Pre-K to 8th grade with varying ability levels and needs. She has also worked at the collegiate and graduate level tutoring students in writing and organization strategies. 

She strives to have positive educational interactions and increase her students enjoyment of the learning process. She believes learning should be full of encouragement and responsive teaching. Tori will work patiently with students, meet them where they are at, and empower them as learners to help them grow, and THRIVE! 

Areas of Tutoring

  • Math
  • Science
  • ELA/Writing
  • History/Social Studies
  • Study Skills 
  • Organization
  • Projects
  • Outlines and Planning 

This is not an exhaustive list of Tutoring areas! Please inquire for other subjects or areas of need and skill development!

Tori is down to earth, calm, funny, and friendly - all attributes that make her successful with working with children.  She is also flexible, patient, accessible, and has a great sense of humor - all of which enhance her skills working with kids as well as contribute to her being a great colleague.   When I see Tori enter my classroom, the tension in my shoulders releases.  Tori is a great colleague.  She will be an asset to Capital Region Tutors. J.G.

Victoria would be an asset to your team!   K.B.

Tori's enthusiasm will be evident the first time you meet her!  B.T.